Start Living Consciously is a space where you can learn ways to live your life in a more “on purpose” way by learning how your thoughts influence your feelings and ultimately your life.


Living consciously is about being present and in the moment in your daily life.  Each moment is within our control and we can decide how we want to live in those moments.  By learning that our thoughts are the interpretation we have about our circumstances and how those thoughts are what cause us to feel a certain way about those circumstances, we allow those feelings to determine our actions, reactions and inaction.  Our results are then created.

There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing you have been able to dictate your well being and how you show up in the world.  You are the author of your story.  You are the only one who can decide how to think, what to feel, and how to act.  Start Living Consciously by thinking on purpose and you will see the difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

-Lynnette Garcia-Corrales

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