possibilityToday I had a great experience. I was at my part-time job and I saw a lady who I’ve seen before working with one of her clients. She actually works with mentally disabled adults who are being trained in work situations. I have seen her on different occasions but never really had a reason to strike up a conversation. Until today. A shout out to Sharita!!

I was working in my department and there I saw Sharita with one of her clients. I was inspired at that moment to mention to her that my sister-in-law (well, ex sister-in-law to be accurate) had worked in that same field years ago while she lived here in NY. I mentioned that she now works in adult protective services in Virginia. She asked me what exactly did that entail. I went on to explain how my sister-in-law is an advocate for the elderly, assessing their need for assistance, placement, etc. Apparently something I said resonated with her because she got goose bumps at the explanation. She told me that she has been struggling with which direction to ultimately take her career, how best to utilize her degree. How synchronistic!

We went on to discuss how people come into our lives at different times for different reasons. When opportunities present themselves, they are random moments which have no reasons. They are a direct result of our being in a “State of Allowing”.

When we are in a State of Allowing, we are living in a state of possibility. And when we are in a state of possibility we allow ourselves to attract even MORE possibilities, experiences and opportunities into our lives. There is SO much power within us. Power that so many people don’t realize exists. It has existed all of our lives and we have this amazing opportunity to rediscover that self-power.  All it takes is a decision.  A decision to be consciously aware of how we think, feel and act. We have, within us, the absolute power and control to decide what our lives are going to be like.

I decided to be aware and open to allowing. In doing so, I had the inspired thought of speaking to Sharita and I made a conscious decision to take inspired action. It was a great experience, a wonderful conversation and we both connected on a deep level. Both of our spirits, minds and consciousness were on the same frequency.

Take a moment to think about all that is possible. And if you can think it, you can have it!

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