Many times we are faced with moments in which are knee jerk reaction is to respond in a particular way.  What if we could take back control of our reactions and choose the way we respond?  What if there were a way to ensure this behavior?  What if I told you, YES…..there IS a way?

Let’s call this process STOP, DROP & ROLL.  Yes, I am sure you’ll equate this putting out a fire, but think for a moment?  Metaphorically, isn’t that what you’ll be doing?  Putting out the fire of that knee jerk reaction?   Let’s explore this process further.  stop-drop-roll

STOP and become aware of the moment.  It may be a moment where a co-worker upsets you, or a situation at work is frustrating (I speak from personal experience), or perhaps your children or spouse push your buttons.  Or it an even be a stranger on a street, train or on line in front of you.  Whatever the circumstance, take a quick moment to STOP and become aware of the moment.  Are you feeling angry?  Are you feeling judged?  Are you feeling slighted or under-appreciated?  Name the feeling.  Where is it coming from?

DROP the baggage of those feelings and where you dragged them along from.  Are they from your past?  From someone specific that you attached those feelings to?  Or did you just attached emotions to an event?

ROLL with the love, gratitude and grace you were DIVINELY gifted with.  Carrying around those negative feelings do you, a divine spirit living a physical experience, any justice.

We all experience moments, events, situations.  But they are just that;  moments, events, situations.  WE are the ones who place judgement of whether they are good or bad, positive or negative.  If we refrain from prejudgment, we open up a whole world of possibilities of how we view each moment.  In turn, we open up a whole world of possibilities of ourselves.

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