“There is a current that runs through everything. It exists throughout the universe. It is the basis of the universe and the physical world.”  -Esther Hicks, Ask And It Is Givenlike attracts like

I know many of you have heard the phrase “like attracts likes”, but do you really understand what that means?

Well, it’s basic physics. At the basis of all things in this universe, there is energy. Within molecules, there are atoms and at the center of an atom there is energy. Pure, unadulterated energy. And all energy emits a vibration and each vibration attracts a like vibration.

Many call this vibration a “frequency”. When you set a certain frequency, it’ll tune into a like or “matching” frequency. Think of a radio for example. Would you tune your radio to a classic rock station and expect to hear country music? No, of course not. Because radio frequencies are setup to match the corresponding frequency of the broadcasting tower. Same process applies the vibrational frequency everything on this planet emits.

Here’s another example. Have you ever walked into a room where the tension was so think you actually felt it? Same principle. Have you ever “clicked” with someone you just met? Same principle. We emit a vibrational frequency. Every time, all the time. Whether it’s a positive frequency or a negative one, we emit it.

It is a fundamental law that doesn’t know the difference between negative and positive it just gravitates to its like vibration. Like the Law of Gravity. It doesn’t matter whether you are a good person or a bad person, if you fall you WILL hit the ground.  This same energy patter is present in our thoughts and our feelings. Whatever we think or whatever we feel will attract to us things, people, circumstances that are a “match” to the vibration we are emitting. You draw to you what you are predominantly thinking whether it’s something you want or don’t want.

Now here’s the totally cool part of this. When you are aware of what you are thinking, then you are in a position to exercise absolute control of your own experiences. How empowering is that?!  When you become of aware of your thoughts, you gain control over them. And when you gain control of them, you determine what can be created in your life. If you want goodness, positive experiences and opportunities, then think about those. When you focus on the good, the plentiful and the joy in your life, then THOSE are the things what will be drawn to you.

We live in a reactionary society where everything we feel, think and do is in REACTION to something. What is crucial to remember is that YOU have the innate power to CREATE your life the way you want it. Is it an easy process? It can be, if you are willing to accept the fact that this power is within you. If you are in a constant state of awareness then you are vigilant in keeping the negative thoughts, feelings, “vibrations” at bay.

I hope what I have written here today resonates with you and helps you realize that there is something powerful within you that just needs the opportunity to shine through and you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.

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