“dwell in possibility…” – Emily Dickenson

Just finished watching this movie called “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper (yeah, I know, right!).  The premise was basically a writer with writer’s block and whose live was pretty much in the toilet, takes this drug which sparks the neurons in the brain to work at full speed.  Meaning, instead of just accessing 5% of the brain like most human beings do, the brain is at 100% full potential.  Well, Bradley Cooper’s character finished his book in 4 days after having writer’s block for months because he all of a sudden saw things clearing and completely.  Everything was at his brain’s disposal.  Now, I am in NO way condoning drug use.  This post isn’t about that – it is about the idea of how amazing our minds can be if we let them.

This made me think of exactly how living with clarity & awareness works.  When we become aware of how our mind works and the power behind it, there is nothing we can’t accomplish, achieve or become.  All that we’ve wanted to do or be is within our grasp if we just take the time to get in touch with our inner strength and potential.

THIS is what this post and this blog is all about.  There is so much potential within each of us and I want so much to be able to share that with you, to awaken the spark within you that has been awakened in me.

The possibilities are Limitless……

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