Well, maybe not me, but my blog.  In today’s 30 Day Challenge we are asked to write about which online business oHeror company brand we most admire and why.  Well, to be honest, there isn’t just one for me.

I’m fairly new to the online business world, so it’s not like I’ve been following certain online businesses for years.  However, in the short time that I have been in this community, there are a few businesses that I gravitate towards.

The first is Layout A Day by Lain Ehmann.  This particular online business speaks to my creative side first and foremost, but that’s not all.  I love how she has taken her passion for scrapbooking & cardmaking and has established an online presence dedicated to that love and the sharing and teaching of it.

Lain does this by daily challenges to help bring out the creative genius of her students & visitors.  By also having classes you sign up for and podcasts you can listen to as well as more indepth programs.  There is a wide range of business models that all tie into her passion for creating and teaching.

Another online business I admire is Paid To Exist.  It’s owner & creator, Jonathan Meade is the type who is committed to teaching via transparency.  He’s not afraid to be raw and honest, putting it all out there for the world to see all in the name of teaching people how to do what they love and being true to themselves.  I love the straightforwardness of his business and his no “bullsh*t” take on being open about his business.  Which is why I am currently enrolled in his “Trailblazer” program.

And last but certainly not least is Suitcase Entrepreneur No, I am not being schmoozey.  I seriously have become attached to this online business mainly because of The 30 Day Challenge.  By putting this together, Natalie Sisson has created an opportunity that will stretch our imaginations while at the same time teaching us valuable business strategies.  Her message of Creativity/Business/Freedom combined is something that touches close to my heart, because I want to be able to keep creativity & freedom in my business, whatever that business may turn out to be.

What these 3 online businesses have in common are Creativity, Transparency & Sharing Knowledge to enrich and enlighten lives, which is what I want the foundation of my business to be.  So here’s to those who have paved the paths before us and who guide us along the way.

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