As I mentioned in my last post, I am reading “Working With The Law” by Raymond Holliwell.  So, I have been ruminating over the recent chapter I read, “Law of Attraction”.  I know, I know, people hear that phrase and then roll their eyes, but stick with me for a moment, because it’s not BS!

What it is, is one of the 12 Universal Laws.  These Laws govern our world whether we are conscious of them or not.  For instance, the Law of Gravity, the Law of Relativity and the Law of Cause & Effect, just to name a few.  We live by them daily.  They are all natural laws.  As an ever growing and enlightened society we are coming to realize how to recognize and work with these laws on a conscious level to improve our lives.  tides

As an example, let us look at the Law of Rhythm.  People enjoy sitting on the beach watching the tide roll in, watching how, as time goes by, the water gets closer and closer and the same thing happens the next day and the day after that.  Not many people take into account that a universal law is taking place.  Everything has it’s season and rhythm, it’s timing and patterns of development.

When a child is conceived, we know there is a certain amount of time, a pattern of development that must take place before the baby is born.  We know that an idea needs a certain amount of time to be developed before coming to fruition.  A farmer plants a seed and knows they must wait a certain amount of time before harvesting.  That is just example of one of the 12 Universal Laws that exist around us.  Law that we can become conscious of and use to better enrich our lives and the lives of others.

As I mentioned earlier, The Law of Attraction tends to get a bad rap, but just like the other laws, it exists in real time and can be used.  All it is, is DESIRE + ACTION + EXPECTATION = RESULTS.  That’s it.  Where we go wrong is the Expectation part.  We desire something greatly but still harbor a seed of doubt.  We set ourselves up for failure.

If  you want to get spiritual about it, let’s talk Faith.  Faith (Desire) is things hoped for and not seen.  You won’t receive any witness (Results) of your faith until after the trial (Action & Expectation) of your faith.  Once again, DESIRE + ACTION + EXPECTATION = RESULTS.

It’s not BS people!  These laws exist.  And because they exists they can be worked with.  And because they can be worked with, you can control your life, experiences and outcomes instead of them controlling you.

CHALLENGE:  Desire something, Actively work towards it and Expect it.

  • Pick something out of the ordinary
  • Desire it greatly
  • Act as if you know it’s already yours
  • Expect to receive it
  • Enjoy the Results

I actually tried this myself when I first learned about these laws.  I chose to desire a white rose and really expected to receive it.  A few days later a white rose appeared in a TV commercial and later that day, my daughter gave me a  white rose, the kind that is part of a decorative floral arrangement that she had found while cleaning out her room.  Mind you, I never said anything to my daughter about my experiment.  So, try it for yourself because if you can manifest something small like that, imagine what else you can do?

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