It Is Not That Serious

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Starting a new year can feel overwhelming or seem like a daunting task. I’m here to show you that it doesn’t have to be.  There are ways that can take the pressure off and help create a more positive and less stressful new year’s plan.

The Dreaded Question

One of the things that always seems to get thrown at us is the proverbial question of “what is your New Year’s resolution?”.  They may mean well, however, it can feel like you’re under pressure.  Well, I don’t know about you, but that used to fill me with dread. I felt pressured to come up with some profound or monumental goal. It was a stressful question that would end up making me feel like I was failing before I even got started.

“I don’t want to fail before I even start!” ~Lynnette Corrales

How To Shift The Way You View Your New Year

That question no longer has to paralyze or pressure you once you’ve shifted how you view it.  By using a theme for the new year, you can shift from feeling overwhelmed to feeling in control.

Several years ago I switched from listing resolutions to choosing a word that would encapsulate the entire year and what I wanted to accomplish. A word that would help me focus on an area, or several areas, in my life that were important to me. A word that I could build habits and routines around. I began to feel empowered rather than doomed to failure.

“Self-empowerment is seeking the solution rather than fixating on the problem.” ~Coach Bobbi

From Shifting To Implementing

Selecting a theme for your year doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s actually quite simple.  Ask yourself some questions:  What is important to you? Family relationships? Health and wellness? Finances? Education? Entrepreneurship? Or possibly just simplifying your life? Whatever theme you choose, it’s all about creating small habits that will support what it is you want to accomplish.

For example I chose “Commit” for my 2019 word and theme. There are different areas in my life that I want to commit to that will enrich my life. I want to commit to my art, my health & wellness, and my personal development.  That is so much less stressful than “I need to lose X amount of pounds by X date.

Let’s take health & wellness, for instance, because I know it’s an area that many people make “resolutions” around.  Since my overall 2019 theme is “Commit”, I can break that down into smaller chunks of focus.  Each month I can focus on a particular area I want to commit to and improve upon.

Breaking It Down

So let’s say January is “health & wellness” month.   I can then break that down into even smaller chunks.  Each week I can commit to developing a healthy habit related to health & wellness.  I can focus on drinking more water that first week.  After I’ve mastered that, I can move on to the following week by focusing on eating more vegetables with each meal, and so on.  I can establish daily habits that support these changes that I want to implement.

It’s Never Too Late To Start From Right Now

“Small changes lead to Big results” ~Lynnette Corrales

It’s never too late to decide a theme for your year, to make small changes, and to create small habits that will lead to big results!


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