And How To Stop Putting Physical Limits on Your Spirit


Where does out inspiration come from?  Look at the work INSPIRATION.  IN-SPIRA.  Spir is the

Latin root word meaning “breathe“.  Inspiration is your spirit breathing through your physical body.

Your spirit does not have a physical presence, therefore, it can only present itself through thought.  It needs you to act on that thought and bring action to your inspiration.  Inspiration without action is just a thought.

“Inspiration + Action is a blueprint to Manifestation”       -Lynnette Corrales

However, we tend to put physical limitations on our spiritual limitlessness.  Dave MacArthur of Mechanic to Millionaire speaks about this here.  When we have an amazing thought or an inspiring idea, our knee-jerk reaction is to speak in absolutes.  The 3 most common absolutes are:

  1. I’m not
  2. I always
  3. I never

We are automatically placing limitations on what we can accomplish.  You get inspired to write a book but you tell yourself “I’m not a writer”.  You get inspired to start a business based on a concept that came to you, but you tell yourself “I’ve never had a head for business”.   Or you want to map out some goals that you want to accomplish and you tell yourself “I always stop and start, never finishing”.

“Inaction is putting physical limitations on your limitless spirit” -Lynnette Corrales

What you may not realize, is that inspiration does not present itself unless the means are available to help you enact on it’s behalf.  For instance, there are courses and articles a plenty to help teach you to write.  There are Ghost Writers whose job it is to write people’s books.   There are countless books, articles, courses and business coaches that are available to help you build your business and bring your concepts and ideas to fruition.

Your physical presence is a hub in which ideas, inspiration and thoughts come and go.  It’s the central location where your spirit works it’s magic and your body goes into action to carry out the steps needed to bring your inspired ideas to life.

In order to stop putting these limits on your inspiration, you must change the negative absolutes you have told yourself – that You Are Not ________ or that You Never _______ or that You Always _______.

“Inspiration from your spirit does not present itself without the means in which to accomplish these things” -Lynnette Corrales

Think about which negative absolutes you tell yourself and then decide which positive ones you can replace them with.  What inspiring ideas or thoughts have you had that you immediately shied away from because of those negative absolutes?  Click the link below for a FREE worksheet to help you make these changes.


click here for a FREE downloadable worksheet!


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