We are grateful for our health, we are grateful for our family, we are grateful for our spiritual relationships, we are grateful for our jobs and career and the material things  that we have in our lives.


However, how do we show this gratefulness?  How do we live this gratefulness?

Living in gratitude is different than just being grateful.

“Living in gratitude is actionable, whereas being grateful is a feeling”         -Lynnette Corrales
We may be grateful for our health, but what actions do we take to show that gratitude?

You may be grateful that you don’t have a particular illness, but what actions are you taking to prevent it?   Are you eating healthy?  Are you doing physical activities?  You are grateful for having a roof over your head. But what actions are you taking to show gratitude for your home?  Are you making sure it’s in order?  Are you making sure that that the items within are running properly or being taken care of?

You may be grateful for your family, but what actions are you taking to live in gratitude of them?  Are you spending quality time with them?  Are you putting them first above other interests?

When we say we are living in gratitude, we are stating that we are in action of showing how grateful we are.  It isn’t enough to just say you are grateful.  You must show that you are grateful by not taking anything you have or own for granted.  Each person, place, and thing in your life must be shown your gratitude by the love, care and respect you have for it.

Spend time this week thinking about what you are grateful for and how you can live in gratitude of it.


2 thoughts on “How Living In Gratitude Is Different Than Just Being Grateful

    1. I had an ‘Aha’ moment the other day when watching an interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith about her Red Table show and she mentioned always been in a state of gratitude for everything. Something about the way she said it just made my contemplate the topic of gratitude more. I started thinking on that and it just hit me that gratitude is more than just a feeling. It’s a outward showing of our inner feelings. It blew my mind.

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