Do That Today!

I was scrolling through Twitter earlier today and there was a retweet of a video of someone speaking and asking the question: “If you had everything you’ve always wanted in your life; a billion dollars, a great family, what would you do?  If you do that today, you will get everything that you want “ ~ Naveen Jain.

You can’t expect me to live like a king with a pauper’s purse, Karen!

Being human, after scrolling and asking myself what I would do, my first thought was “well, I always wanted to travel, but I can’t just get up and start doing that”.   Oh, my….there goes that pesky mindset of “lack”.  That knee jerk reaction of “but, I can’t because….”.  Well, you can because….. we are all creative beings and we have the capacity to create and explore, imagine and design.   I’m not just talking about the varying types of artistic people.  I’m talking about us as human beings.  All that we have was created by people who saw how the world could be better, bigger and faster and thought up ways to make it so.   Living your life today, right now, in however way you choose to design it can help create the life you want, the money you want, the relationships you want.

I want to travel.   I can’t however, just decide to book a flight and off I go.   But I can explore my city.   I can take in the different cultures.  I can see different architectural sites.   It’s all about how I approach doing these things.   Enjoying these different experiences with joy and gratitude (see that there?  take note of that word) for the different things my city has to offer puts me and my mind in the right place to attract people, opportunities and yes, dare I say it – finances, which will bring me closer to my biggest dreams and desires.

If one of your desires is to have enough money to become a philanthropist, then live like one – on a smaller scale.  One that is manageable for you.   Maybe it’s helping someone with lessons they want to take.  Or maybe it’s buying art supplies for someone that you know is talented but can’t afford to get supplies themselves.

Do you want to have more money?   Start with respecting and appreciating the money you already have.  Be joyful and thankful with whatever you are able to purchase with money now.   Don’t ever complain about the prices of things because that’s coming from a place of “that’s negatively affecting my wallet”.

What if you’ve always wanted a wonderful family?   Well, start living your life as if you already have that wonderful family.  Create a home where love resides always.  Strengthen, cherish and show gratitude to the relationships you do have in your life.  Go out and enjoy dinner or movies or picnics or sporting events or whatever it is that you would want to experience with your wonderful family.

“Living your dreams doesn’t just mean when they come true.  It’s when you’re creating them in your mind and heart and taking action”. ~LGC

What’s the take away, you ask?  Well, here it is, Linda!

There is no time, like the present, to start creating the life you really want to live.  There is no time, like the present, to start taking steps to building a life that you’ve always wanted.  There are many different ways we can approach living our dream life today.  Take one small step today and you’ll start to see the changes it brings.




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