Welcome to Start Living Consciously!


My name is Lynnette Garcia-Corrales and I am passionate about helping people learn about Thought Management, which you can learn about here.

I also want to help you find clarity and awareness that will allow you to realize the self-power you possess to create a fulfilling life.  Am I there myself?  Not completely, but I am on a path of discovery and growth and I want as many of you as possible to join me on this journey.  It’s empowering, illuminating and enlightening.

Some facts to get to know me:

  • I’m a mixed media artist
  • I love flamingos
  • I love shoes!
  • I love to read and my favorite genre is mystery thrillers
  • I suffer from mild anxiety
  • I suffer from Megalophobia, which is a fear of large or oversized objects. A person who is megalophobic can have their fear triggered by any number of things such as buildings, ships and even planes.

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Hugs & Smooches!

Lynnette Garcia-Corrales

One thought on “Start Here

  1. Hi
    My name Is Craig Folsom and I just completed a memoir. I am searching stock images for the cover of my new book and I came across a picture of a door in the road which is perfect. I would love to use this picture for my cover and I would like to solicit your permission to use the picture.

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