What Is Thought Management?


Thought Management is becoming aware of what we are thinking and why we are having those thoughts and making a conscious decision to change that by practicing thought management.  I am here to help you become aware of how you think and how to be more purposeful in what you think.

Many of us believe that the circumstances around us are what cause our thoughts and feelings.  Many of us believe that if our ‘circumstances’ were different, we’d think happier thoughts and have happier feelings.   However, the truth is our circumstances are not was causes our thoughts and feelings.  It’s actually the other way around.  Our thoughts are what cause our feelings and our feelings are what cause are actions, reactions, or inaction and that, my friends, is what causes our results and/or the circumstances.

Do you realize what that teaches us?  That we are in complete control of our results.  Us. Not the world around us, not the people around us, but ourselves.

By becoming aware of what we are thinking about the circumstances around us, we can then start the practice of altering how we think about our circumstances, which causes our feelings about our circumstances to change.  Our feelings are what fuels are actions, reactions, inaction.  If we think differently, we’ll feel differently, which in turn causes us to take different action, which give us different results.

What is Modern Mental Health?

Modern Mental Health (Modern Emotional Health) is being emotionally healthy in the modern world.

Many people may confuse emotional health with happiness and while one may connect to the other, it’s not the meaning.  Some may say, ‘I’ll be happy when I’m thin’, however, there are many people who are thin and still aren’t happy.  Some may say, ‘I’ll be happy when I have more money’, however, there are people who are rich and still aren’t happy.

The reason for the use of the word “Modern” is because in our modern day world, there are many external methods of creating “false pleasure” which confuses our brains into thinking we are happy, when in reality we aren’t.  This is why it is so important to become conscious and aware of what we are thinking and how those thoughts cause us to feel.

Modern Mental & Emotional Health is about taking control of how we think and feel in order to navigate through our modern world that is filled with ways in which we gather a false sense of happiness if we are not consciously aware of our thoughts and feelings.